Best Coffee Makers for Google Home

Do you love your daily coffee as much as you appreciate the time and money that an efficient time management plan can save you? The best coffee maker for google home will make your day if this is the case. It can read your personal preferences and then brews, delivers, and stores your drink at the exact time you want so that it’s ready for you when you are.

A smart home coffee maker should work well with an assistant like Google Home and Alexa. This compatibility makes it possible to control your coffee maker while you are on the go, or even from the comfort of your bed early in the morning before venturing into the day and pouring yourself a mug of that perfect cup you’ve been craving. It makes the morning routine fast and convenient.

There are few options available in the market for consideration for coffee makers that work with Google Home. Considering the amount of choice might confuse people about what type of coffee maker would be the best pick for their household or office. To help make the purchasing decision easier, we’ve drafted up a list of some of the top coffee makers that feature smart coffee makers compatible with google home. We trust this list of “the bests” will function as a smart guide in searching for your perfect day-to-day coffee maker. Without further ado, here’re our recommendations:

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Atomi Smart Coffee Maker with Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Atomi Smart Coffee Maker with Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker, Programmable, 12 Cup Capacity, Black and Stainless

Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker, Programmable, 12 Cup Capacity, Black and Stainless
  • Alexa turned on my coffee maker smart 
  • Certified for Humans
  • Works with Alexa this smart coffee maker
Smarter SMC01 iCoffee Remote Brew App, 1.5 L, Black

Smarter SMC01 iCoffee Remote Brew App, 1.5 L, Black
  • Remote brew Coffee maker 
  • Includes three interchangeable 
  • Control Remotely with the free
Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

The Atomi is the best smart coffee maker Google home that makes it easier than ever to start the day off right by brewing you a delicious cup of coffee first thing in the morning. It features a large carafe that has a 12 cup capacity, and it can brew even during your favorite show or while you spend some time with your loved ones at home. The smart WiFi technology allows you to start brewing from anywhere, whether within the same room or sitting abroad on your couch, who are ready to yell “Hey Alexa” or “Okay Google.” 

Scheduling: You can create daily, weekly, and more advanced schedules, so you have complete control over your time scheduling your tasks at certain times. According to the requirement, it is easier to schedule a timer for a fresh and warm cup of coffee for a small quantity or full pot. You can drink the warm coffee later due to excellent keep warm technology. 

Brew Strength: With the Atomi coffee maker, you can have the brew strength option customized to your exact preferences in varying flavors. You can change between mild, medium, and strong coffee anytime via simple voice commands or an app.

Compatibility: If you’re already part of the Google Home or Amazon Alexa ecosystem, Atomi Coffee Maker control is intuitive and straightforward. There are limited functionalities, but the ones that exist do just what they’re supposed to do, so long as you get them set up correctly. For example, you can use commands – “smart coffee maker” and “stop coffee maker.”. We never had any issues with poor WiFi or connectivity during testing of Atomi best coffee maker for Google home.

Smart Connectivity: The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker connects to your phone via Atomi’s mobile app, which already comes installed if you own any of their products. The app works okay, but it isn’t very well designed, and certain parts can be a little confusing when navigating through the menus.


  • Easy to adjust daily or weekly schedules for coffee
  • Perfect Google Assistant integration
  • Eco friendly and high-quality materials
  • A reusable water filter is impressive

  • It only offers plain coffee
  • Few customers face connectivity issues.
Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker allows you to brew either single or twelve cups of coffee at a time, depending on how big your household is. You can connect it with an Echo Dot and use Alexa to control everything, get all the usual features of the auto-shutoff, an easy way to fill up with water, and more.

Alexa Compatibility: Works with Alexa This coffee maker is certified to work with the Alexa smart home platform. It works with the Amazon Echo, Dot, and other Alexa devices. Few coffee makers can achieve Works With Alexa certification, ensuring a reliable and helpful interaction between your coffee maker and your Amazon smart home device.

Easy to Operate: Ease access to the water reservoir and coffee basket with front filling access. A standard coffee filter comes into the basket design for inserting fresh grounds or beans and swings out for easy access to add water or a new filter.

Glass Carafe: Like the Atomi, the Hamilton Beach Works model has a 12-cup capacity. Unfortunately, its carafe is also made of glass with limited thermal capabilities. There is no perfect coffee maker out there. Each machine has its drawbacks, and that is the truth.



  • Easy turn of and off using voice controls
  • Struggle free usage for newbies
  • Swing-out brew basket adds to the utility
  • Good coffee making capacity

  • It has issues when connecting to multiple devices using Google home
  • Limited connectivity besides Google home
Smarter SMC01 Coffee Maker

It is a smart coffee maker with modern connectivity options. You’ll never have to worry about losing an opportunity to be productive due to your annoying coffee machine taking too long to brew your morning jolt of caffeine. Its multiple connectivity options and automation features are perfect for people who want optimal convenience in their kitchens while they get on with making something essentially tasty.

Smart Settings: You can connect the iCoffee remote brewer with other devices. It’s safe and easy to set up, and you can customize it to your liking by choosing from a wide variety of options: strength, beverage size, and grind setting. You even get optional settings for alarms like Wake-up mode and home mode. You can use it to make both coffee and tea!

Utility: One unique utility of the iCoffee is its “Home Mode,” an excellent feature for brewing an exceptional cup of hot coffee when you are around the home parameter. Once you cross the home parameter, it starts making the coffee, and it gets ready to serve once you reach the home. 

Scheduling: If you don’t want to use the “Home Mode” feature, scheduling the coffee for particular hours can work. It provides your hot coffee every time you have a craving, especially in the morning and after office hours. Each time it serves freshly brewed coffee, you only have to set the schedule to keep things aligned with your routine.

Burr Grinder: The biggest issue for most coffee lovers is the grinder with the coffee makers. Traditional blade grinders are not a good option for coffee quality. Smart SMCO1 is the best coffee maker for Google home that comes with a Burr grinder. It provides evenly brewed coffee where all the particles are finely ground. You cannot ask more from a coffee maker regarding taste and quality.


  • Smart functionality for both Android and iOS
  • It comes with a hefty grounder
  • Handy reusable filter
  • Smart third-party integration

  • No options for extending the brewing time
  • Audible alarm may feel irritating
  • Relatively short hot time
Hamilton Beach 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Hamilton is a top manufacturer for making innovative coffee makers with smart features. The Beach 5 Cup Coffee Maker is another addition to this list. It brings ease of coffee making at your fingertips while bringing quality brewing for a cup of joe. It offers excellent value for money while coming at an inexpensive price point.

Strong Taste: The consistency of the coffee is reliable in that it does not go through any notable changes on account of the water and coffee one puts into the machine. Because of this, there are no complaints about how much strength this particular machine brews each day. It is essential when compared to other machines available in the market because they have issues with their dripping mechanism due to inconsistencies

Automatic Operation: The machine can sense when the carafe has been removed and stops brewing so that you can serve coffee. This system has many advantages: you don’t have to wait for your drink until finished brewing, nor do you risk burning yourself with hot liquids when preparing drinks after it finishes brewing; swift and convenient.

Convenient Design: These compact 5-cup coffee makers are the perfect size for your countertop. A nonstick keep-hot plate ensures hot coffee all day long, and an automatic pause & serve function allows you to grab a cup before brewing ends. Cleaning the components is easy, providing fast and efficient brewing for a strong taste.


  • Great coffee maker for small servings
  • Programmed pause and serve mechanism
  • It features a nonstick hot plate
  • Ease of storage and transportation

  • Non-insulated carafe
  • The carafe can leak while pouring
Nespresso Expert Original Espresso Machine

It’s a huge hassle to get up and drag yourself to the coffee dispenser in the morning when you are running late and still have a million things to do before the day is over. So many people rely on coffee machines like Nespresso’s Expert Original Coffee Maker that can efficiently produce great Espresso with little effort.

Fast: The Nespresso is the best coffee maker for Google home that has a heat-up time of 30 seconds and saves energy in an automatic mode after 9 minutes of being idle. It makes the Nespresso capable of making cups of coffee that are rich and aromatic, just like the ones you could make on a classic machine.

Versatility: This smart coffee maker will deliver a comprehensive range of tea, coffee, and other beverages. It includes several key features to enhance ease and convenience during use, from your sophisticated Espresso to your perfect cappuccino. You can operate it via Google Home or Nespresso App on your smartphone or tablet.

Various Settings: Nespresso’s Expert original espresso maker has three temperature settings. A range of different flavored capsules with their best blends as a gift. It also includes an easy-to-use water tank allowing you to make your Nespresso coffee creations whenever you want without waiting for the machine to heat up.

Scheduling: The Nespresso Expert is Bluetooth-enabled and works with Android and iPhone apps. You can control the scheduling and add your brew time using the app. It also allows ordering the replacement capsules. One of the most innovative features of the app is its ability to make custom drinks which is cool when it comes to customized drinks.


  • Fast heat uptime
  • Smart connectivity with devices
  • Large tank capacity
  • Suitable for coffee and beverages

  • The capsule can get stuck and create a mess
  • Intermittent connectivity errors can stop the brewing cycle

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Is Nespresso compatible with Google home?

Yes, Nespresso is compatible with Google Home and Alexa. However, the compatibility is limited to only a few models like Nespresso Expert Original Espresso Machine. If you are going to buy a Google home compatible Nespresso, it is the best option you have got currently.

Can Google home turn on the best coffee maker?

Yes, Google home can turn on coffee makers if it has compatibility. Manufacturers are integrating Google Home and Alexa into the coffee makers so you can get fresh coffee anytime. They work on scheduling and customized commands for making a strong cup of coffee.


When choosing between different smart coffee makers, one should consider the three main characteristics of convenience, best coffee, and smart connectivity to ensure they purchase what they believe to be the coffee maker that works with google home. The comfort, availability of quality fresh ingredients needed for making a cup of Espresso (or your chosen drink), and connective capabilities into a smart home are all things one will want in their preferred coffee maker.

You can choose any product for the best coffee maker for Google home that we have reviewed here. These coffee makers are superb for bringing your customized coffee whenever you want a cup or two. They’re popular because of their ability to function in multiple ways, so they can serve any purpose that you might desire during your daily routine.