Best Mountable Coffee Maker for RV

If you are an adventurer, taking long trips in RVs and camping outdoors for fun, then a good cup of coffee is essential to keep you sharp.

However, the limited kitchen space in an RV can really limit your options. So, you will need a coffee maker that is compact and convenient to use.

So, to help you out with the choice we tested and reviewed some of the best coffee makers for RVs that are available in the market.

We conducted extensive research to determine which mountable coffee makers were most popular among campers and RVers.

We also spoke with various people including full-timers and veteran campers to know which coffee makers they preferred.

After conducting detailed research on 200 products quality, brand repute, and customer reviews, we were able to finalize 6 products that were highly recommended and preferred by RVers.

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1. Hamilton Beach 46205—Best Mountable Coffee Maker for RV

Top of the list we have one of the best-rated coffee makers that are loved by every RVer. Hamilton Beach is a renowned brand when it comes to home and cooking appliances.

The Hamilton Beach 46205 is a programmable compact coffee maker that has 12 cups brewing capacity and can brew 1 to 4 cups of coffee at the same time.

So, it’s the perfect machine for an RV family of coffee lovers who always need coffee first thing in the morning.

The best feature of the machine is definitely the programmable timer. You can adjust the timer during the night, and your warm cup of coffee will be ready when you wake up.

Convenience is the most sought feature when campers go looking for a coffee maker. The last thing they need is a coffee machine which is difficult to maintain or clean.

Hamilton Beach coffee maker is designed with an easy swing design which allows you to easily fill the water reservoir and coffee grind without any hassle. You just have to push one button and the machine will swing open.

Need a quick cup of coffee while the machine is still brewing? The automatic pause function allows you to take it without any risk of spill or overflow.


  • Easy Access Design
  • Can Brew 4 cups at a time
  • Programmable Timer
  • Automatic Pause Function
  • Easy to Fill Water Reservoir

  • A bit expensive
  • Coffee Scoop is not included

2. Gardcare Drip Coffee Machine

While our top choice is inarguably the best one, it might be too expensive for some campers. RV people often prefer to go with budget-friendly options.

So, on the second rank, we have Gardcare Drip Coffee Maker which is a budget-friendly choice and provides efficient functionality.

Although low in terms of cost, the coffee maker does not compromise on any of the important features.

Gardcare Coffee Maker comes with a large brewing capacity and a fully programmable timer which allows you to brew as many cups as you want for the whole family.

Not only the coffee maker is cheap, but it also saves you money when it comes to filters. The machine has a permanent filter that can be cleaned and reused. Also, it comes with a coffee scoop included.

Dishwasher-safe parts allow you to clean the removable parts of the coffee machine after use. So, you can keep your coffee machine clean during camping.

The coffee maker also features a drip-preventer function which automatically turns off the dripping and prevents spillage to keep your counter clean.

Worried about coffee getting cold? Don’t be because this machine also features a warm plate function which will keep your coffee warm for two hours after brewing.


  • Large Brewing Capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe Removable Parts
  • Permanent Filter
  • Drip Preventer Function
  • Keeps Coffee Warm for 2 Hours

  • No Cleaning Cycle reminded
  • Water Reservoir is not removable

3. Taylor Swoden Programmable Coffee Maker

If you need a large-capacity coffee maker that comes in a compact design and can fit in a small place, then Taylor Swoden brings the perfect choice to the table.

The Programmable Coffee Maker is a classic device for campers because of its compact design and unique features which allow you to make large services of quality coffee.

The glass carafe is designed to handle a large capacity of 12 cups. So, you can prepare coffee for up to 12 cups at the same time. The carafe also has markings to measure the quantity.

You can keep the water levels in check with easy to view panel on the water reservoir. Hence, you will always know when to refill.

The coffee maker comes at an affordable price yet it provides you most advanced features. The digital control panel allows you to program the timer, control brew strength, and various other features of the machine.

After 60 times of brewing, the machine will automatically remind you to wash the coffee machine. There is a small light indicator that reminds you to clean the machine to create fresh coffee.


  • Touch Panel Control
  • Reusable Filter
  • Automatic Pause Function
  • Clean Cycle Reminded
  • Markings on Glass Carafe

  • Only 2 Brewing Strengths
  • Doesn’t make Cold Brew Coffee

4. VINCI Electric Coffee Maker – Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker for RV

Are you also one of those people who love a cold brew but don’t have the time to prepare it? Well, we have brought you the perfect machine that can prepare cold brews in minutes instead of hours.

You no longer have to wait the traditional 12-24 hours to prepare your cold brew. With VINCI electric coffee maker, you can prepare your favorite cold brewed coffee instantly.

This coffee machine comes in a one-unit design which is easier to carry and store. You can use the brewing lid while making the coffee and then the store lid while traveling.

So, you can prepare the cold brew beforehand and then take it with you on your camping trip in the RV. The stored cold brew can be refrigerated for up to 10 days, so you will be all stored for the trip.

You can select between 4 strength options while preparing the cold brew. You can make it light, medium, bold, or extra bold. More strength also means more time, so you will need 5 minutes for light up to 25 minutes for extra bold.

The patented Circle Flow brewing technology ensures a crystal clear and sediment-free brewing with perfect taste and smoothness.

Also, the machine comes with a self-cleaning function. So, it saves you from the hassle of cleaning the parts individually.


  • Patented Circle Flow brewing technology
  • One Unit Brewing and Serving
  • Extra Lid for Storage
  • 4 Different Brew Strength
  • Self-Cleaning Function

  • Doesn’t Prepare Hot Brews
  • No Heating Function or Plate

5. Amaste Drip Coffee Maker

One of the best retro-designed coffee makers for your home, RVs, and office space. Amaste Coffee Maker is a small and compact coffee machine made to prepare coffee for a small group of people.

So, you can prepare from 1 to 5 cups of coffee in this machine. It comes in one of the smallest designs which would fit under any cabinet on the counter.

The coffee machine is as good as it looks. It comes in a stunning design that makes every look envious and prepares the best quality coffee that you will ever drink.

It retains the true deliciousness of your coffee grind and provides you a manual dial to select the strength of the coffee.

No more hassle of purchasing paper filters again and again. The machine comes with a reusable filter that is easy to clean.

Amaste Drip Coffee Maker will keep your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes and the will automatically shut off to prevent the coffee from overheating.

It also has the anti-drip function, which allows you to pour yourself a cup of coffee without any dripping or spillage.


  • Premium Quality Coffee Maker
  • Retro Design
  • Small and Compact Device
  • Reusable Filter
  • Automatic Shut Down Feature

  • Small Coffee Pot Capacity
  • If you don’t like Retro, it’s not for you

6. Hamilton Beach 46310 – Best Mountable Coffee Maker for RV Camping

Last but not the least, we have another amazing coffee machine from Hamilton Beach. Compared to our top pick, the Hamilton Beach 46310 is much more affordable and is equipped with all the important functions.

Hamilton ensures that all of its devices are thoughtfully designed to make their users’ lives easier. Hence, when preparing coffee in this machine, you are bound to expect the best taste.

The reason this machine is one of the best for RVs and camping is that it provides you a large capacity carafe which allows you to make coffee for the whole group simultaneously.

With the advanced programmable feature, you can pre-program the timer during the night so that the coffee is ready when you get up in the morning.

The anti-drip feature allows you to sneak out a cup of coffee while brewing. So, you can make yourself an extra cup before the rest of the party wakes up.

One of the best features of Hamilton appliances is their easy maintenance. This coffee maker is also easier to maintain. You can fill the grinds from the front easily by sliding out the brew basket.

The transparent gauge also allows you to fill the water levels up to accurate levels. Although this model doesn’t have a removable water reservoir, still you can refill it without spilling because of the transparent side gauge.

Moreover, the small LED black screen in the front will allow you to monitor the time and programs you have selected. It will also remind you to clean the machine’s excessive use, to get fresher and better-tasting coffee.


  • Best-Tasting Coffee Brewing Machine
  • Cleaning Reminder
  • Front Fill Brew Basket and Water Reservoir
  • Programmable Feature
  • Large Brewing Capacity

  • No Multi-Cup Dispensing
  • Only prepares coffee in the carafe, not in cups

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a coffee maker on an RV?

Yes, you can use a coffee maker on an RV. There are different types of coffee makers you can use. However, you must make sure you select a compact and convenient one for the RV.

How do I secure my RV coffee maker?

There are multiple ways to secure your coffee maker in the RV. You must lock the coffee maker in one place so that it doesn’t move while you are traveling. People have also used bungee cords to secure the coffee maker in RVs.

Can I use a Keurig in my RV?

Yes, you can. Keurig is best for those who use K-cups for their coffee but also want to save space. It is easier to carry around and can fit most spaces. So, it’s perfect to be used in an RV.


Finding the best mountable coffee maker for your RV might not be a difficult task after you have finished reading the guide. You have multiple options which you can easily narrow down based on your needs.

We recommend the Hamilton Beach coffee maker to all RV users, as it is the best programmable coffee machine with a variety of functions. We have shared two of its models, and you can select the one which meets your budget.

We are positive that the coffee makers on our list can meet your needs. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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