BODUM 11682-109 Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

In the BODUM 11682 Reviews, you will get to know that it is a Glass Made Pour over coffee maker. BODUM is not the typical cup style pour-over, rather the ones that come in pot or jar type shape to handle the brewed coffee. The shape is specifically like an hourglass with the top funnel but more extensive than the bottom. It has a beautiful handle through which you can handle the glass in your hand.

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The BODUM 11682 comes with a permanent filter, which will make you lose the paper taste of coffee and then come to a cleaner and richer taste. There might be some sediments left behind, but they are at the bottom. So, it will actually give you a more natural flavor of the coffee.

All in one, a much favorably coffee-making instrument for people who enjoy the taste of glass in their coffee or even like that glass pour-over which looks more beautiful than other plastic or ceramic coffee makers.

What Problem BODUM 11682 Review 2022 will solve if a person buys it

First of all, if you are a person who enjoys something unique and beautiful for coffee making, this antique-like coffee maker will provide you with it. It has a unique glass shaped like an hourglass and can handle the brewed coffee because it is a pot.

The next thing is the ease of use. Handling the paper filter is much more time-consuming and head aching due to which they included a stainless-steel permanent filter.

Important to mention the benefits that come with the glass construction, which will solve the problem like coffee being cold, the taste leaving the coffee, or even not seeing the dripped coffee while you brew. 

These problems are common in pour-over coffee makers, but it will let the taste be trapped inside, will act as an insulator, and also let you see the whole brewing process.

Product Review

In this BODUM 11682 coffee maker review, you will get to know that this is a Glass Made that comes with a 34 ounces size, which is the size best known for 2 to 8 cups serving. You can also make a single cup with this coffee maker.

Having an elongated hourglass construction, this pour-over coffee maker is not the typical glass, instead, borosilicate glass with odorless and tasteless construction.

From BODUM 11682 grinder reviews, you can get to know that BODUM 11682 comes with a permanent stainless-steel filter, which is best known for its reusability. 

The typical paper-like taste is something that is not found in this brewer rather a much cleaner taste is found. Having the beams ground too fine can cause the residue to pass through the stainless-steel filter, which is something to be taken care of. 

The choice of 34 ounces is better for most people because if you want to make cups of coffee at a single time for a lot of people, you can easily do it with this pour over coffee maker, which is seen everywhere in BODUM 11682 reviews.

Another best thing about this brewer is that it comes with a silicon band; through this band, you can easily handle the hot glass jar; it can be removed according to your own choice.

Next, in the BODUM 11682 review, you can catch up with the buying guide.


  • Dimension: 9.04×5.51×9.38 inches
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Bodum
  • Material: Borosilicate glass with wood handle.
  • Filter: stainless steel permanent filter.
  • Capacity: 34 ounces.

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  • Larger serving.

  • Too much elegant, glass can easily be broken.

Things to Consider before Buying BODUM 11682

After the BODUM 11682 Coffee maker review, it all falls on the buying guide, which will give you knowledge about this product and whether you should buy it or not? The Glass construction is something which is the central aspect, but there are many things in which the glass material is vulnerable too.


The design of this coffee maker is simply the unique aspect that is done of borosilicate glass, which is more durable than the other glass we use. 

An extra attachment is also available in case you want to use it instead of a wooden grip.

How to use BODUM 11682

  •  Primarily you need to fit the Filter over the BODUM 11682.
  • Then put the ground beams inside the filter, just like the BODUM 11682 grinder reviews.
  • Then pour a bit of water on it to moist, then shake.
  • Now pour the coffee of your favorite quantity inside a cup and enjoy it!

Final Words

BODUM 11682 is the perfect choice for people who want to have easy access to homemade pour-over coffee, because of the permanent filter which can be cleaned and reused.  This will be a masterpiece for you if you buy it.