Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

In the Bodum pour over coffee maker review, you will get to know that it is Glass Made. They are not like the typical pour-over coffee makers, rather the ones that come in pot or jar type shape that is precisely like an hourglass. 

The top funnel is much extensive than the bottom to pour the dripped coffee and comes with a beautiful handle that can help you in handling the dripper.

There is a permanent steel mesh filter that gives a distinctive taste, unlike paper one; altogether will provide you with a much cleaner and crispier flavor. The only drawback is that the filter doesn’t stop tiny particles of coffee beams.

Hence, Bodum is somewhat a more antique and beautiful one that gives a distinctive taste that is not found in the ceramic nor the paper filters. 

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Review 2022

The most important thing is the unique glass shaped like an hourglass, which can handle the brewed coffee because it is a pot. Many people love the taste of glass coffee that comes with a permanent filter that can be given by this brewer. 

The second thing you can learn from Bodum coffee maker with a permanent filter review is the ease of handling that comes with the stainless-steel permanent filter, which can be washed again and again. So, if you want to make a coffee at home effortlessly, this might be the best choice for you.

There are also many useful features of glass constructed like seeing the coffee during the brewing process, maintaining the temperature of the coffee, and also holding the crisp taste inside the pot.

All in one, if you want to control the part of brewing. Below we provided an honest review to learn much about this masterpiece.

Product Review

Unlike the Bodum automatic coffee maker review, you will get to know that this is a Glass Made that comes with a 17 ounces size, which is best known for a smaller serving. Hence, you can easily make a cup of coffee following instructions.

The shape of this best Bodum resembles that of an hourglass with the bottom back is smaller as compared to the upper part for ease in pouring the coffee into a cup. 

This comes with a permanent filter review, so it is important to mention that the permanent filter is stainless steel made, which is durable and can be used again and again without worrying about wash decay. You can also wash it whenever you want to. 

You can never miss the importance of that top cover, which makes the reserve coffee hot while you can do your work. There is also a reserve cover that comes with the coffee maker, which can allow you to handle the glass with ease in case you don’t like the wooden one.

Talking about the Bodum automatic pour over coffee maker review, you can easily make a 2-cup serving from each step. Being great for beginners, you can brew 2 cups of coffee effortlessly. 

Next, you can catch up with the buying guide.


  • Dimensions: 5.5×4.63×6.13
  • Weight: 10.9 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Bodum
  • Material: Borosilicate glass with wood handle.
  • Filter: stainless steel permanent filter.
  • Capacity: 0.5 liter

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  • Great for 2 cups serving
  • Beautiful and elegant glass construction.
  • Durable grip.
  • Good for beginners.

  • Glass material is elegant enough to be broken easily.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Bodum pour over coffee maker

It all falls on the buying guide, which will give you knowledge about it. The Glass might be beautiful to look at, but there are some things that are counted as negative aspects of this coffee maker for the large group.

For this review, the portability factor is deficient, while you will have to take care. You cannot merely travel with this coffee maker.


Design is the primary thing which is made of borosilicate glass, being much durable than the other glass we use. The design is of an hourglass, while the funnel part is much larger and broader.   

There is a wooden grip that comes with it, but there is also a silicone grip that is provided for you to safely get hold of this glass coffee maker without worrying about the hot dripped coffee.

The Use of Bodum Coffee Makers

Well, the most important thing is the ease of use and friendly design. The permanent filter provided will allow you to make a cup of coffee quickly and then use it again afterward. You can also clean this again and again.

The other is the Glass elegance and antique look, which attracts the people and also traps essential taste and heat inside the brewer for a more crisp and clean coffee.

How to use Bodum Coffee Maker

  • Here we provided you with the Bodum instructions.
  • The first step is to put the Filter over the BODUM.
  • Then grind the beams and put them inside the filter.
  • Then pour a bit of water on it to moist, then shake.
  • Now put hot water from mid to edges on the filter and then let it drip inside the pot.
  • Now pour the coffee of your favorite quantity inside a cup and enjoy it!

Final Words

Bodum pour-over coffee is the perfect choice for people who want easy access to 2 cups serving homemade coffee because there is a permanent filter that can be cleaned and reused. The design is something worth watching and deserved to be inside the kitchen of a coffee lover. We have provided you with a complete Review, which can help you choose in case you are considering a purchase of this product.