Breville Duo Temp Troubleshooting Guide

Breville duo temp is one of the most popular espresso machines for many coffee lovers. Although their product delivers great services, they are not entirely fault-proof. 

So, what are the common Breville duo temp troubleshooting?

Common issues include coffee machines not running through, running out too fast, spilling from portafilter, etc. The problems are often related to other issues like clogged filters, empty tanks, steam problems, blocked steam wands, etc. 

That’s the sneak peek. Read the full piece to learn the causes and the solutions with proper guidelines. Let’s begin!

Breville duo temp troubleshooting Guidelines

This table shows the problems, causes, and the respective solutions to each of these problems. 

Problems Reasons Solution
Coffee doesn’t run through Control dial position, tamping and coffee ground dosing, blocked filter Maintain Espresso position, follow instructions on tamping & dosing
Coffee runs out too fast Coffee grind  The dosing and tamping should be proper
Coffee is too cold Cups are not preheated  Preheat the cup
No crema Coffee grind issue, blocked filter Maintain tamping and dosing instructions, remove the filter  blockage 
Machine making a pumping noise Normal operation of the 15 bar Italian pump Not an actual problem
Coffee drips from the portafilter’s edge Portafilter and filter basket position, blocked filters Fix the positioning, clear out the clogged filters
Coffee spills from portafilter’s spout Empty water tank, clogged filter, coffee grind issues Fill water tanks, maintain guidelines 
Machine making continuous loud noise Empty water tank Fill the tank
No steam  Empty water tank, dial control not set in Steam Fill water tank, set dial control to Steam
No hot water Empty tank, blocked steam wand  Fill the tanks, remove the steam wand blockage
Textured milk is not smooth Lack of steam, using warm milk Fix steam problems, use cold milk
Machine isn’t functioning  Safety thermal cut out Wait 30-60 minutes before turning it on.

For detailed instructions jump to our next sections. But before we start, make sure to maintain proper safety precautions. Be careful with dealing with hot components.

breville duo temp not working

Also, maintain proper guidelines while dealing with electrical appliances. 

Problem 1: Coffee Doesn’t Run Through

This is one of the most common issues in Breville duo temp. It can happen for a couple of reasons. For example, when the water tank of the machine is empty. Or the control dial is not set to the “Espresso” position.

The condition of the coffee grind also matters. When the coffee grind is excessively fine people tend to run into such problems. The same goes for tamping the coffee grinds.

If the coffee grind is tamped too hard the coffee won’t run through. Because there’s an excessive amount of coffee grind in the filter basket. 

The machine can only process the amount that is recommended for it. Another reason could be blocked filters.


Make sure your coffee machine is plugged in and switched on. Now, check the water tank. If it’s empty, fill it with cold water up to the given mark.

The maximum filling point is marked on the side of the tank. After filling, move the water tank to its designated position. Also, make sure that the control dial is in the “espresso” mode.

Use an appropriate espresso grind for the machine. It shouldn’t be too fine or too coarse. Use a balanced grind. For the grind dose, use 8-11g of the coffee grind for 1 cup. Use 16-19g for 2 cups.

Do not tamp the coffee grinds too hard or too light. Fill the filter basket evenly with the coffee grind. Tap the portafilter lightly to make sure they’re evenly distributed.

For tamping, use 15-20 kg pressure at max. Use moderation while tamping but maintain consistent pressure. As for the appropriate dose amount, measure by the metal cap on the top edge of the tamper.

It should be on the same level as the filter basket after tamping the coffee grind. This will prevent overdosing or minimizing the usage of coffee grinds.

Also, check the coffee filter basket for blockage. If it’s blocked, clear out the holes using a pin. Keep the machine clean for preparing a good drip coffee.

Problem 2: Coffee Runs Out Too Fast

Coffee runs too fast through Breville duo temp due to three reasons. It could be due to the coffee grind being too coarse. As a result, the elements won’t mix properly, and the extraction will be more watery and run out faster.

Not having enough coffee grind in the filter is also a reason. Lastly, an inappropriate attempt to tamp the coffee ground causes this problem.


As we mentioned in the previous solution, you need to use an appropriate espresso grind. Also, make sure the tamping is done in moderation. For further direction look at the solution to problem-1.

Problem 3: Coffee Is Too Cold

Forgetting to preheat the cup can leave your coffee cold. . 


The cup needs to be warmed up beforehand to maintain the optimal temperature of your coffee. To preheat, rinse the cup with hot water. Later move it to the cup warming tray. 

Wondering how to understand that it has reached the right temperature?

Touch the base on the container. If it’s too hot to touch then it is the perfect temperature to heat the milk. Cleanse the steam wand and then insert it into the milk.

Now set the control dial in the Steam position and the LED will light up. A few minutes later the steams will be visible. Pause if there’s any chance of the milk spilling out.

To pause, change the dial control to Standby mode. Wait at least 8 seconds. Then re-do the process. Hopefully, this time the temperature would be perfect.

Problem 4: No Crema 

Crema is the most prized content in a well-made coffee. The coffee machine fails to produce crema if the coffee grind is too much coarse. Also, if it’s not tamped properly.

The coffee ground has to be fresh as well. Otherwise, there won’t be enough crema. Blocked filter holes are another reason. It blocks the crema from coming out.


For tamping and grinding instructions, read the solution for problem-1. We’ve mentioned the measurement there. Try to use freshly roasted coffee beans. 

For Breville, it’s recommended to use high-quality Arabica beans. Make sure to check the “Roasted On” date on the container bag. 

The beans should be consumed between 5-10 days from the mentioned date. Store the coffee beans in airtight containers. Try to grind them immediately just before brewing to get more crema, flavor, and aroma.

Problem 5: Machine Making Pumping Sound While Using

Is your Breville duo temp making a pumping or pulsing sound during steaming milk or extracting coffee? It happens due to the machine operating the Italian pump at 15 bar normally.

Machine Making Pumping Sound While Using


Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with your Breville duo temp. It’s a normal operation. So, no need to be alarmed by the sound.

Problem 6: Coffee Drips From The Portafilter’s Edge

There could be a couple of reasons why this problem occurs. The reasons are mentioned below-

  • the portafilter is not properly inserted into the group head. 
  • Coffee grounds existing around the rim of the filter basket
  • Filling the filter basket with too many coffee grinds
  • Tamping the coffee too hard
  • Using incorrect filter on the filter basket for the amount of coffee ground being used.

Here are the solutions.


Enter the portafilter properly into the group head. Correlate it with the ‘LOCK’ button above the group head collar until tension is felt. 

To guarantee a proper fit in the group head, clean the leftover ground coffee around the filter basket’s rim. For proper dosing and tamping, read the solution for problem-1.

As for the incorrect filter usage, using 1 cup filter with 1 cup of coffee is ideal. 

Problem 7: Coffee Splis From The Portafilter’s Spouts

Coffee sprouting from the portafilter could happen if-

  • The water tank is either low or empty
  • Putting an excessive amount of coffee ground in the basket
  • The coffee grind is excessively fine
  • Or mineral deposits have clogged the machine.

The solutions are below.


For the first three issues, follow the solution from problem 1. As for the mineral deposit, perform a descaling procedure to remove the build-ups.

Clean the filters regularly. You may use a cleaning tablet to dissolve the minerals.

Problem 8: Machine Making Continuous Loud Noise

Continuous loud pumping noise happens when the water tank is empty. It can also happen if the water tank is not properly sited in its place.


Follow the instructions on the solution from problem 1 for filling the water tank. Insert it properly into its place.

Problem 9: No Steam

Breville duo temp fails to produce steam when-

  • The machine is not turned on
  • The water tank is running low or empty
  • The control dial is not set to ‘Steam’ 
  • Or the steam wand is clogged


Check out the solution for problem 1 to fix the first two issues. As for the rest, change the dial control position by pressig the SELECT button. Toggle the option to steam and the LED for it will light up. 

For hot water, the LED for hot water will light up. For cleaning a clogged steam wand, use a pin to open up the cells. If it still keeps on getting clogged, remove its tip using a spanner.

Problems like a clogged steam wand may cause low pressure in the Rocket steam wand.

Problem 10: No Hot Water

Breville duo temp fails to produce hot water if the tank is empty. Another possibility is the steam wand is clogged. 


Follow solutions to problems 1 and 10.

Problem 11: Textured Milk Is Not Smooth

The milk fails to be smooth enough if there’s a lack of steam in the machine. Or it could be that the milk isn’t cold enough. 


Follow the solution from problem 9 to resolve steam problems. Also, avoid using warm milk in the machine. Maintain the ordering in pouring milk or espresso.

Problem 12: Machine Isn’t Functioning

This could happen due to any mechanical or electrical error. 


Due to excessive heat, the safety thermal cut-out of the Breville machine may have been activated. Wait for 30-60 minutes for the machine to cool down before turning it on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to reset the Breville duo temp espresso machine?

Make sure the machine is turned off. Press and hold down both the “Power” and “1-Cup” buttons together. The machine will turn on and the LCD screen will show “rSET” command.  Now, press the Menu button to activate the factory reset. If the selection is successful the machine will beep thrice.

How to use the hot water function in Breville duo temp?

Press down the SELECT button and the LED for hot water will light up. Point the spout outlet directed to the drip tray. Now, change the control dial to the “Steam” position. If you need to turn off the hot water function, change the control dial to “standby position.

How to replace the water filter in the Breville duo temp?

Remove the new filter from the plastic bag and douse it into a water cup for 5 minutes. Wash the filter in cold water for 5 seconds. Now, set the date dial of the machine about 2 months forward. For installation, push down the filter to lock its position.


That was all from us about the Breville duo temp troubleshooting. Now, you know the causes of these issues and how to deal with them. 

Hopefully, the instructions were easy to follow. Avoid making any electrical contact while performing the solutions. 

Good luck!