Can You Use Instant Coffee in a Coffee Maker?

Do you use instant coffee in a coffee maker? Yes, but it will not produce the same quality of cup as fresh brewed. Instant coffees are made using a different process which creates more bitterness and less flavor than freshly ground beans. The second problem is that most people don’t know how to make an espresso shot with instant coffee so they end up watering down their drink when trying to do it at home. But if you’re looking for convenience or want to save money, this can be a good option for you!

We all are big fans of coffee, aren’t we? Always looking for a mesmerizing cup of coffee with our loved ones. Many kinds of flavored coffee are now available with different methods to make them immediately. One of them is instant coffee. Everyone has it.

Instant coffee is one of the most used and in-demand types of coffee. It is made by brewing the coffee mixtures and then either drying them in hot air or freeze them and then cutting them into fragments. Instant coffee can easily be made by just adding the powder into the hot water. Here you go!

What if you want to make it in a coffee maker?

Well, certainly not a good idea because instant coffee is already brewed and dried. So, it does not need to be grind and filter. Normal coffee such as espresso or beans can be made in a coffee maker or coffee machine as they need grinding. Making instant coffee in a coffee maker can mess it up. All you will get is a bland and tasteless cup of coffee.

The coffee maker for college students works on the principle of grinding the beans and then add water to them. Water will filter down with the great taste and aroma of the coffee. The only coffee that can be made is ground coffee in the coffee maker because it needs to be brewed. But instant coffee only needs to be rehydrated by adding hot water.

Some studies have done that black tea can also give a good caffeine intake if made in the best pour over coffee makers.

If you like espresso then you should have an espresso machine. At the same time,  if you like normal coffee then you can simply have a coffee grounder. If you like instant coffee then you don’t need any machine; just a pot with hot water and pour it on your coffee powder. You can also add some milk or cream and make the latte, which can be a heavyweight gaining treat.

One to note is that even the most renowned brands of instant coffee Nescafe and Starbucks also does not support the idea of making their product in a coffee maker for a large group. This can now be cleared that instant coffee should not and never be used in coffee maker unless it’s your choice and that can be a bad choice of yours.

Among many other tasteful coffees, instant coffee can be considered much better as it has low caffeine content for the ones who have caffeine insensitivities. Most people say that instant coffee has the same health potentials as ground coffee.


In the end, any idea for the cons of coffee will not work for the ones who are much addicted to it and cannot deny the fact that coffee beverages are always a better option for mind relaxation or in a lonely time. Coffee can be considered a global beverage. At the same time, that can be considered as a little brag. As tea is also much loved to take by many.

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