Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

When you look at the Chemex pour over coffee maker review, you find that it is a manual thing that was invented way back in 1941. The fame of this coffee maker doesn’t only revolve around the perfect brewing of coffee, but also the elegant appearance. The glass pour-over has a shape of an hourglass, which has a further bowl-like bottom, and the top, which resembles that of a funnel. The design all over is a really classic one that has a traditional wooden handle at the mid-section. This wooden design looks like an antique. The latest one from Chemex has a more glass-type handle, but personally, the wooden one is more elegant. If taken from me, I would have displayed this Chemex in a Museum of modern art.

Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker Review 2022

If you are one of those who want to take less time while making coffee, this is not the ideal choice for you because you can adjust each aspect of brewing, which takes a lot of time. In case you are one of those who want clean and crystal-clear coffee, then Chemex’s brewing style with its paper filter produces some of the crispest and freshest coffees. Some people come across the problem of sizes and shapes. In this case, you get several different sizes, ranging from nearly three to that of thirteen total cups. Hence, you will meet your ideal size in no time.  In the Chemex review, you will come to know that special coffee filters that come with this piece are made up of bonded paper and will give you the best grind for the Chemex coffee maker. 

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Product Review

Well, here is the Chemex review. Starting with the material of the Chemex coffee maker, which is the main selling point. There is also a unique wooden handle on the mid side that comes with a leather tie for the safest handling. The overall look of this design makes it more of an antique piece for coffee pour-over. There are many sizes ranging from three to even thirteen cups. But this one is a Chemex 6 cup classic series glass coffee maker, which most people are comfortable with. With the best price on Chemex coffee maker, you can get the suitable one from both the designs, either the one with a wooden handle or the one that comes with a glass handle. Personally, Wooden is the way to get started. The secret sauce is their filters that make the coffee crisper and tastier. That is why the filters are the best grind for Chemex coffee makers.  The borosilicate glass is not only elegant but also has an odorless and non-chemical residue involved. It also can act as a refrigerant for the coffee, which can be left inside the brewer without loss of flavor or even heat.  All in one, the best price on Chemex coffee maker is available on Amazon.


  • Dimension: 9.6×6.3×1.35 inches
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Capacity: 30 ounces
  • Material: Borosilicate glass with a wooden collar and a leather tie.
  • Manufacturer: Chemex

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  • Flawless glass design with wooden handle. Easy to hold. Construction is odorless and tasteless. Coffee is crisp, tasty, and crystal clear.

  • With that, elegant glass construction comes issues in durability and handling. It is the least portable

Things to consider before buying a Chemex Dripper

It all comes down to the buying guide, which will lead you to make final thoughts on this product. Having that elegant and marvelous design of glass and wood surely has some obvious flaws.


The design is undoubtedly a piece of antique art to look at with that beautiful borosilicate curved glass and a wooden handle that comes with a leather tie. It will act as an insulator to trap heat and taste inside, but it will also make the coffee crisper and tastier due to odorless and tasteless materials. This is the best Chemex has to offer; now it all goes to the hurdles that come with the design like the least portability and durability; you cannot simply use it without care because the glass is easily scratchable and breakable.

The Use of Chemex

Well, people ask, how can you make a crisp and crystal-clear coffee? The answer is simple and lies in the filter. It is easily one of the best reasons why you should even consider Chemex; the filters make it the best grind for Chemex coffee makers. The other reason for Chemex lies in its design, construction, and size. The Chemex 6 cup classic series glass coffee maker for large group is easily the most beautiful and easy-to-handle brewer due to its elegant wooden handle and flawless glass construction. You also would not get any odor and taste leak from the glass due to its borosilicate construction and the insulation, which provides no heat leakage. You can also easily see the inside due to glass construction. You can get the best Chemex coffee maker in a budget range, which is easily purchased by any homemade coffee lover. 

How to use

  • Primarily place the Chemex filter on the Chemex 6 cup classic series glass coffee maker.
  • Use hot water to wet the filter, then discard the used water.
  • Now you have to pour the approximate amount of ground coffee medium coarsely in the filter.
  • Then shake the brewer to even everything.
  • From the middle and towards the edge of the circle, you need to pour the water about twice in the amount as compared to coffee.
  • After the bloom, you need to pour more water in a small dose.
  • Finally, you need to let that brewed coffee slowly drip into the bottom of the pour-over/Chemex and then pour it, simply enjoy afterward.

Final words

There are many best pour over coffee makers available to purchase, but Chemex is one of those remained makers that give proper rotation to brewing. Having an elegant and marvelous design, you can easily misplace this coffee maker with one of the antiques in the Art Museum. Hence, Chemex is considered as a starting point to homemade professional coffee.