Clever Pour Over Coffee Dripper Review

In the article of clever coffee dripper review, you will come to know that it is a unique type of pour over dripper made up of plastic material. For beginners, it is rather hard t control the brewing process or even stop the amount of dripped coffee. Therefore, the clever pour over coffee dripper has a stopper, which can allow you to stop the brewed coffee so that you can enjoy the amount you have made for yourself.  For professionals, this stopping mechanism is somewhat a feature that allows them to control the brewing process and make a different type of coffee depending on their mood. So, the purpose of a clever coffee maker was to make the process much more efficient and entertaining; you can even make a coffee cup depending on the serving, which is not seen in other coffee drippers.

Clever Coffee Dripper Barista’s Choice Review 2022

If you are a person, then this pour-over dripper is super efferent because it will allow you to stop the process of brewing whenever you want to, without any hesitation. This will allow you to control the servings and even handle the steps you have done wrong. The construction is done of plastic, which will enable you to easily handle it around without any effort. The portability factor is also excellent, which allows you to carry it in case you are a traveling person. If you are wondering about the French press, which doesn’t make a lot of mess, then a clever pour over coffee dripper is a perfect choice, which allows you to safely do anything without any real mess. Well, a perfect choice for both beginners and professionals because of the stopping mechanism, which allows the user to handle the brewing Process.

Product Review

Here is the review, which is considered the best pour over Coffee Makers. The clever dripper is made in such a way that making becomes super easy to make at home but also a technique that is hard to master for professionals. Overall construction is of plastic, which might not look too good at home or kitchen, but it is still effortless to handle. The plastic is also very portable and doesn’t require much attention as compared to the glass or the stainless-steel ones.  The clever coffee maker is also effortless to clean and will deliver to you regardless of which skills you are on, whether you are a beginner or a professional. In the clever coffee dripper review, it is essential to mention the unique feature of this dripper, which is the stopping mechanism. Due to this mechanism on the bottom of the dripper, you can quickly stop the brewing process. It depends on how you can use it; you can stop the brewing for your desired serving, or you can make strange coffee flavors depending on the brewing time, which is what the professionals do.  Well, on the difference between the usage of beginners or the professionals, every coffee lover can use it to obtain the desired coffee. The materials are best for beginners, that is why they can use this without any fuss, and on the other hand, the stopping mechanism can provide much more time settings, which is not found in other brewers.


  • Dimensions: 6x5x6 inches
  • Weight: 13 ounces.
  • Manufacturer: Clever
  • Filter: cotton type.
  • Capacity: 18 oz
  • Material: Plastic with stop mechanism

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  • Very easy and efficient to use. Favorable to the lovers of the French press, which is known for making the least mess. Stopping mechanism for closing or opening the brewing passage.

  • The oils are not properly extracted. Is made of plastic which doesn’t feel premium nor is durable

Things to consider before buying a Clever dripper

It all falls on the buying guide, which enables you to know if it is worth purchasing or not? The most crucial thing is that the stopping mechanism is provided, which is best for beginners if they want to stop the process of dripping or brewing. It is beneficial for servings or process control. But there are oils in the beans of coffee not correctly extracted from the dripper. Hence, the clever pour-over coffee maker is not the right choice here. The material is plastic, which might sound good to handle but has less durability, especially in the case of Clever dripper.


The overall design is done with plastic, which doesn’t contain a durable layer, but the shape is of a cup with a hole on the bottom. There is also a stopping mechanism to stop the flow of coffee. All in one suitable for beginners but still is less durable and not so premium to handle.

The Use Clever Coffee Dripper

 If you are a beginner, you can easily clean this plastic dripper and take care of it because of its stopping mechanism. If you a professional, then you can use the Stopping tool to control the time of brewing according to your own choice without the mess.

 How to use

  • The primary step is to prepare the filter and then place it inside the dripper.
  • Then put the ground coffee inside the filter and then rinse for blooming.
  • After that, add hot water from the middle to the edges for the coffee beans to extract the maximum flavor.
  • After this, you need to take out the coffee maker with a filter and Enjoy the beautiful bold coffee!
  • You can also close the stopper to stop the brewing process.

Final words

The clever dripper is one of the most unique and easy-to-use drippers due to the plastic construction and the stopping mechanism which allows you to control the brewing time or even the whole process.