Do Coffee Makers Go Bad?

Many factors can greatly affect the life of a coffee maker. Some people may use the same coffee maker for several decades, while others only use it for a few years. Factors such as the frequency of use and the quality of the materials used for construction are elements that can cause them to spoil.

Even improper routine maintenance decreases its useful life and forces people to repair or replace their coffee maker. Many conditions influence the decision to renew the coffee maker; some will have to do with the people’s internal decisions and others due to external factors.

The coffee maker stops making coffee

It might seem like a no-brainer, but when a coffee maker stops working, it’s time to think about replacing it with a completely new one. There are several factors why it may stop working. For example, the pump breaks, or the machine starts to leak water from different places, or the tank cracks.

Unless the coffee maker is in the warranty period or is a very expensive model, it is better to change it than to check it or repair it.

That tastes for coffee have changed

When you want to make a coffee with a different flavor, possibly one of the things you will have to do is change your coffee maker. Personal tastes are the main reasons why changing the coffee machine is evaluated, and when it breaks or has a mechanical failure.

Coffee is undergoing significant continuous changes known as the third wave of coffee, as is happening with wine and craft beer. This movement concerning coffee is in favor of the elaboration of a specialty coffee. This includes more information on how the coffee was grown and the roasting process, and how it was made.

Also, users can access the notes on the coffee tasting to prepare the coffee that allows them to take advantage of all its benefits. Of course, this implies a higher cost of the product in the market than the users in favor of the third wave movement are willing to pay.

All this movement may imply an immediate change of the coffee machine because it may not be possible to make a coffee at the height of this movement.

The coffee maker does not heat the water enough

According to international organizations associated with coffee, the suitable temperature for brewing coffee is between 90 and 96 degrees Celsius. Many coffee makers on the market do not meet this temperature, but if the coffee maker you have does not even reach the minimum temperature, it is time to change it.

Even if it reaches the right temperature, the heating element tends to wear out over time, forcing the coffeemaker to be changed.