Hario Ceramic Pour over coffee maker Review

In this Hario coffee maker review, we find that Hario is a well-known and respected ceramic brewer in the world of artistic coffee making. It has a simple design that offers the user challenging brewing methods, through which he can make a cup of delicious coffee.

To be honest, the Hario V60 glass pour over coffee maker is a type of “to go” brewer, which is simple and easy to use. On the functionality and design, you will notice that it is different from other coffee makers. 

Basically, you can get a hold of every process of brewing with this coffee maker. This focus will allow you to be more out of the way as much as possible. This is the main thing about this coffee maker, which is unique.

It might not be that easy to master because of its design that allows you to develop your own style; it will also require much patience and knowledge of coffee making. But for beginners, it comes with more design options and an inexpensive price range, which is best known for beginners to experts.

Hario Ceramic Pour over coffee maker Review 2022

In case you are looking for a more professional pour over coffee maker that will let you make that beautiful cup of pour over coffee. Hario V60 glass iced coffee maker is the perfect choice because it will allow you to control every step of brewing.

Talking about the usage of this Hario coffee maker, you can notice that the best thing is a user-friendly feature, which is very easy to use even for a beginner but still termed as hardest to master for the coffee makers. So, you don’t have to worry if you are a beginner or even an expert.

The price of Hario v60 is also very much under the budget line, making it the best coffee maker to get in case you want to save some money.

If you are a traveling person, then from the Hario coffee maker review, you can easily bet that it will be straightforward to travel with or even use in different places. All in one thumb up for the portability.

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Product Review

In this Hario v60 pour over the guide, you can see that this is a well-known coffee maker and has been rated the best in terms of results and features. The Hario v60 Glass pour over coffee maker is genuinely for the people who want to achieve perfection or take absolute control over their brewing and then yield a coffee according to their own choice.  

But don’t worry because, in the Hario coffee maker review, we can assure you that it can also workout for beginners. Because the design is done in such a way that allows the beginners to use this coffee maker effortlessly and even the professionals to control each step for more artistic taste.

The construction is done of ceramic, which has a full opening and comes with a whirl type construction inside the dripper. Therefore, the Hario v60 glass doesn’t let the filter paper slip nor let any residue pass through the paper. 

You can use any type of 2 sizes triangular filter paper on the Hario V60 glass iced coffee maker, which allows the user to get the crisp and beautiful rich taste of coffee out of the beams and into the pot.

Hario v60 also comes with different shapes like plastic, ceramic, and glass contains a price range that is easily purchasable for all types of coffee lovers.


  • Dimensions: 20x15x14 inches
  • Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Hario
  • Material: Ceramic white.
  • Filter: size two any spiral or triangular paper or cloth filter.

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  • Very open for use.
  • Wide variety of product options.
  • Best for beginners to experts.
  • Descent design for airflow improvement.

  • The learning curve is unique.
  • Each step is to be taken care of.

Things to consider before buying a Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Now, the Hario v60 coffee maker review is over; you might want to take care of some things before buying it. This Hario V60 Pour over guide will guide you through the different features which will let you know it is worthy or not, for you?


Design is the central aspect of this pour over coffee maker, made of ceramic material you can easily handle without any problem. The Kitchen also accepts this coffee maker without any problem and will look flawless in the setting of the Kitchen.

The top is extensive while the handle is just like a decent cup, easy for handling. The bottom is very suitable to be locked on the pot, jar, or other cups, etc.

The most significant thing is the airflow, which is due to the curls or whirls inside the design, allowing the filter to be locked inside the cup and then enable the airflow to pass through it. The result is clean, crisp, and beautiful flavored coffee.

All in one best for Beginners to even Professionals.

Why use the Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper

If you want to control each step of the brewing, then this Hario V60 glass iced coffee maker will help you manage it. Being a professional unlike other coffee makers, Hario v60 comes with a feature that makes the beginners too easily handle it. The price range is also a feature that attracts the people in purchasing this beautiful piece of the pour of coffee making dripper.

How to use Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper

  • First of all, you need to put this cup on a jar, pot, or something that can handle the dripped coffee.
  • Then you need to put a number 2 filter paper inside the dripper.
  • Put the favorite coffee beans inside this filter paper and then pour a bit of water on them to moist.
  • Then shake a bit for the beans to take shape.
  • Then add hot water from the middle to the edges for the coffee beans to give flavor inside the cup.
  • After this, you need to take out the coffee maker and then pour the dripped coffee into a cup, then Enjoy the beautiful coffee!

Final Words

When it comes to the pour-over coffee-making, Hario V60 is considered the best because of its simplicity and descent ceramic design. Anyone from beginners to experts can use this without any real headache on dripping. In this article, we provided a complete Hario V60 pour over guide for you to know more about this product.