How Many Espresso Beans In A Shot

You may be wondering at this point how many espresso beans in a shot and how you can do it. Making an espresso using beans is an art, and you should know it thoroughly. A quick answer is that an 8-gram espresso will take 71 coffee beans. On the other hand, a 16 gram serving for espresso could take up to 140 grains.

If you consider yourself the number one fan of coffee because of its smell, taste, or relaxing effect, it is good that you know the details of its preparation. Without a doubt, espresso with beans has an incomparable flavor, and this is because when it is ground, it feels creamy, new, and fresh. However, to have the best experience making espresso with beans, you should know a thing or two.

How much Caffeine Could there be in a Glass of Espresso?

The first big question that may appear in your mind is how much caffeine could be in a glass of espresso. The answer could vary depending on the cup you use and the dose of caffeine you applied previously. But on average, there will be about 63 milligrams of caffeine in a single shot of espresso.

If you want to know how much caffeine a standard cup of espresso can contain, you should guide yourself from a measurement of between 100 to 120 milligrams. With this amount of caffeine, you can activate your body, stimulate your neurons, and feel relaxed.

You should consider that a cup of brewed coffee has about 8 ounces of liquid. Failing that, you will have more than one drink of espresso. You will have to use between 14 to 18 grams of ground coffee to fill the cup with this measure.

How do Coffee Beans affect the taste of Espresso?

You may have another big question now that you can understand how much coffee is in an espresso shot. You might wonder how coffee beans affect the flavor of espresso, assuming that its consistency changes compared to ground coffee.

Understand that the type of coffee beans used to make espresso could affect its flavor from a poor vintage. Using Arabic coffee beans, you may have a cup with sweeter, milder, and bitter flavors. On the other hand, you can use robust beans that give you a much more bitter taste than Arabic beans.

If the robust beans were harvested in the same land where the Arabic beans were grown, they might have a very intense flavor. However, this crop of robust beans tied to the Arabic grain could also take on an unappealing sour tone.

If you prepare espresso with half-roasted beans, you can have a less bitter cup of flavor. You can add a nutty tone to the coffee with a darker roast, but you must be careful because an excessive roast could give it a burnt flavor.

Finally, if you mix the Arabic beans with the half-roasted robust beans, you can make a good espresso. You could play with the ounces by using more than 60% Arabic beans to flavor the coffee and the rest in robust beans to give it a bitter tone. But it would help if you did not forget that your tastes also matter, so you should have your own opinion on making the perfect espresso.

Tips for Grinding Coffee Beans Perfectly

Having an accurate answer about how many espresso beans in a shot is between 71 to 150 beans, you should know how to grind it. The grinding process in coffee could also interfere with the flavor you have in your cup, so you shouldn’t take it lightly.

The best thing you can do is grind the coffee beans for the espresso and let them settle in a container. In this way, you can let the ground coffee regain its flavor, bitterness, or nutty flavor that stands out. Giving the ground coffee a settling time also blends perfectly with the water.

The number of coffee grounds should also be studied because you will have a smooth liquid if you don’t make enough. On the other hand, if you go too far with grinding, you may have strong and bitter coffee as a result.

If you use a coffee maker for the process, you should take a maximum of 30 seconds to make a cup of double-shot espresso. If the espresso lasts longer than the predicted time, you should use more grains to grind. Otherwise, if the espresso takes less time to come out, you should use fewer beans.

How energizing is the coffee bean?

After you apply the correct dose after knowing how many espresso beans in a cup of coffee, you might wonder how energized you will feel. It is important to know that neither ground coffee nor Arabic or robust beans contribute calories to your body. You must drink coffee to feel good or active, but not as a food source.

When coffee is in espresso, one ounce of the concentrated bean could give your body three calories. This measurement assumes that the calorie is important to energize your body, but the coffee does not provide relevant support. However, if you consume coffee with chocolate, the measure may go from low calories to more than 216.

Reasons you should know how many coffee beans are in an espresso

You should know how many ounces of espresso beans in a shot to make a perfect cup. If you overdo it with a coffee bean in the ground, you may have a very bitter or light cup.

You should also consider that the harvest of the coffee bean also interferes with the flavor it will give you. If you use robust beans compared to Arabic beans, you will have a more bitter and concentrated flavor. But if you use Arabic as your main ingredient for your coffee grinder, you may have a milder flavor.


As a coffee fanatic, you should answer all your doubts about how to prepare energizing nectar with beans. It is good that you follow each of the measures to prepare a sweet coffee, but with a bitter tone that identifies it.

Don’t forget that knowing how much coffee is in an espresso shot will allow you to have the ideal cup to start your day. You can use each of these measures in the coffee maker of your choice and experiment until you find the ideal dose for your palate.

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