How Much Caffeine In One Shot of Espresso Starbucks

Do you want to try espresso, but are you also concerned about caffeine? Do you want to know how much caffeine is in one shot of Espresso Starbucks? If so, you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss the amount of caffeine in espresso from different aspects.

One shot of espresso means one ounce of espresso. On average, there is 63 mg of caffeine in one shot of espresso. However, the quantity may vary among different espressos based on the brand, the type of bean and roast, and its preparation.

Switching from a daily coffee drinker to trying espresso is hard, and you need to be careful. Why is this so? That’s because of the difference between the caffeine in coffee and espresso. If that fits you well, you can stay with it and become a daily Starbucks espresso drinker.

Caffeine In Espresso And Coffee – The Comparison

When it comes to the comparison of the amount of caffeine between espresso and coffee, we see that espresso is the winner. Espresso offers 63 mg of caffeine in its one shot. On the contrary, coffee has very little caffeine, around 16 mg, making it safe for almost everyone.

Though the brewing process decides the presence of caffeine, on average, espresso has four times more caffeine than coffee. That means an espresso shot can keep you mentally alert and physically active for more time than coffee.

However, when it comes to utilization, we see that the caffeine intake of coffee users is more than that of espresso users. One shot of espresso is enough for a man, and most people take one shot. However, coffee users take around eight shots daily, which makes 100+ mg of caffeine.

How Much Caffeine In An Average Shot of Starbucks Espresso?

One shot of Espresso at Starbucks includes 63 grams of caffeine in it. However, every espresso does not have the same caffeine quantity. We find stronger espressos with 75 to 80 mg of caffeine per shot. Similarly, some espressos have low caffeine.

Having a shot of espresso at Starbucks has a unique taste and feel. Starbucks Espresso is a perfect blend of different coffee beans from Latin America and Asia. The caramel in it adds an extra sweetness and freshness to the taste.

Starbucks brews espresso by a unique method of passing hot water through the coffee beans at high pressure. This method extracts the caffeine from the beans to make a strong coffee with a sweet taste and crema at the top.

How Much Caffeine In One Shot of Blonde Espresso Starbucks?

Blonde espresso is different from a regular espresso in several ways. A regular espresso contains beans from Latin America and Asia, while the blonde espresso contains beans from Latin America and East Africa. Moreover, the brewing process is also different for both.

Due to differences, one shot (one ounce) of Starbucks Blonde Espresso contains more caffeine than a regular Starbucks Espresso. Compared to 63 mg in a regular Starbucks Espresso, the blonde Espresso at Starbucks contains 85 mg of caffeine.

The higher caffeine content in blonde Espresso is due to more heat that extracts maximum caffeine from the beans. Starbucks heats the blonde espresso beans to the first crack at around 196°C. At this point, the maximum moisture evaporates, and the bean size increases.

How Much Caffeine In One Shot of Decaf Espresso Starbucks?

If you are looking for decaffeinated espresso with a minimum amount of caffeine, you should try the Starbucks Decaf Espresso. The decaffeination process of the Starbucks Espresso removes around 97 percent of the caffeine content.

One shot of a decaf Espresso Starbucks contains around 10 mg of caffeine. Compared to 63 mg in a regular espresso and 85 mg in a blonde espresso, 10 mg is negligible. However, if you want to stay mentally and physically alert, then decaf espresso is not for you.

Some people think decaf espresso tastes different from regular espresso, but it’s not like that. Just as decaf and regular coffee taste the same, the same is true with decaf espresso. However, the robust taste of caffeine in regular espresso is absent in a decaf espresso.

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How Much Caffeine In A Double Shot of Espresso Starbucks?

At Starbucks, you would find various double-shot espressos with different caffeine content. Let’s say you order a canned double shot Espresso at Starbucks; it would contain around 135 mg of caffeine. You might be surprised by the caffeine content, but more strong drinks exist.

Starbucks offers more kinds of double-shot espresso that can have a caffeine content of up to 225 mg. A regular Starbucks double shot espresso has around 150 mg of caffeine. Similarly, a double shot of espresso Starbucks with Ice includes around 225 mg of caffeine.

The most highly caffeinated drink that you would find at Starbucks is the double shot of Espresso Starbucks with Ice. Moreover, remember that a double shot of Espresso at Starbucks can give you a bonus of 15 calories!


We hope you have got the answer to the question: how much caffeine is in one shot of Espresso Starbucks.” One shot of a regular espresso at Starbucks is far better than having eight shots of regular coffee at home.

Too much caffeine intake can be harmful to health. However, a controlled caffeine intake has several advantages, such as physical and mental alertness and strengthening memory. 400 mg of caffeine intake is good for health. However, exceeding the limits could prove fatal.

If you are looking forward to reducing your caffeine intake, Espresso can be a great supporter in this regard. However, you have to stick to one shot a day, or we can’t guarantee a reduction in your caffeine intake. Have one shot a day and enjoy your drinks at Starbucks!