Kalita 05039 Wave Dripper Review

In this Kalita 05039 wave review, you will know that it is a glass-made pour-over coffee dripper with a plastic tray on the bottom. The best thing about this Pour Over coffee dripper is that it is mostly found in professional coffee shops where you can get a cup of delicious pour-over coffee. The quality is undeniable with this approachable and classic design that catches the attention of the viewers. The hole on the bottom allows the flow of water to be the most important step than the rest of the brewing process. You will get a much more concentrated flavored coffee than the average one. Kalita is also a very easy-to-handle brewer; that is why you can get a much favorable flow of air for the process. The glass body comes with durable yet insulation-acting features, which is the reason people tend to purchase Kalita.

Kalita 05039 Wave Dripper Black 2022

Well, for a beginner and professionals alike, Kalita provides a much predictable and approachable design that allows beginners to use it without having any handling problems. For professionals, it will enable them to control the flow of water, the channel of air, and the brewing process to the extent. If you are a lover of bold flavored coffee, this Kalita wave pour over coffee maker is super beneficial in providing you with it without any real effort. After all, we are human beings, so having something attractive and beautiful at a reasonable price is something we all aim to do. That is why Kalita is a lovely and unique pour-over coffee maker, allowing the viewers to be attracted by its beauty. If you want to have the other option, you can opt for the Kalitta wave 185 review, which many people liked depending on serving and stainless-steel design. Below we have provided you with a Kalita 05039 wave review.

Product Review

In the Kelita wave review, we can guide you that Kelita is basically a Glass made coffee dripper with a black plastic plate on the bottom, which can easily fit onto any surface like pots, jars, or even cups. So, you can easily make a decent cup of strong coffee. The best thing we can discuss is the straightforward design and the potential this design holds. This glass is much more durable and maintains a strong heating point; that is why when you are pouring hot coffee through the Kalita wave pour over coffee maker, you don’t have to care about the breakage of glass material. The glass has insulation, which allows the hot coffee to trap much more flavor and taste inside, hence providing you with a much bolder taste of the coffee.  The unique thing is that whether it is the Kalitta wave 185 review or the 05039, you can get a much more wavy and wrinkled type filter paper, which is harder to master but easy to use because it can easily fit onto the pour-over coffee dripper.  Due to the wavy filter, you can get much more taste extracted from the beans and into the cup, but you will have to be extra careful about the size of the grind because if it is not of the necessary size, you will suffer a lot in handling the process. On the last note, this Kalita wave review is about the beginner and the professional use. On the beginner side, the approachability and the size are much more preferred, but if you are a professional and want to control every step of brewing. Then there is an easy air passage, large hole size, and see-through funnel, which allows the brewer to carefully give the final touch to the brewing process.


  • Dimensions: 9x9x6 inches
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Kalita
  • Material: Glass with a bottom as plastic.
  • Capacity: single cup.
  • Filter: wavy paper filter.

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  • Approachable and predictable design. A much bolder cup of coffee. Attractive and beautiful yet intricate design.

  • The filter is somewhat hard to master. Least flexible.

Things to consider before buying a Kalita 05039 wave coffee maker

After the Kalita 05039 wave review, everything falls on the buying guide. For a beginner, the Kalita wave pour over coffee maker might be the best choice because of its portability, handling, size, and approachability. Still, everything is not as easy as it seems. You can play with the brewing process when it comes to Kalita; that is why the more you want to control the steps, the more it will allow you to, which is somewhat for professional brewers. The glass might be the best insulator or very easy to see through the process, but it is also effortless to break and scratch, which should be taken care of.


Design is something that attracts coffee lovers; that is why they focus on the Kalita wave review more than other coffee makers. The glass design with a plastic plate is undoubtedly easy to handle.  But the problem is that it can also break easily, which decreases the portability factor.

 The Use of Kalita 05039 Dripper

 If you want something unique, easy to handle, and can still make a strong coffee cup, this is the perfect choice for you. Being an excellent choice from beginners to professionals, you can easily handle it if you want to simply make a cup of coffee or even control each step of brewing like air control, temperature control, rotation, and even timing.

 How to use Kalita 05039 

  • First of all, you will need Kalita coffee dripper and put it on a cup or a pot.
  • Then you need the wave style filter and put it inside the dripper.
  • There is a size of ground beans that you need to follow and then put them inside the filter paper.
  • Then add hot water from the middle to the edges for the coffee beans to extract the beans’ maximum flavor.
  • After this, you need to take out the coffee maker with a filter and Enjoy the beautiful bold coffee!

Final words

In this article, we have done a Kalita wave review, which is the best choice for beginners leading to professionals because of its easy to handle glass design, approachability, and size factor. Basically, the best choice for bold coffee lovers. In case you want the stainless-steel design, you can always go for the Kalitta wave 185 reviews.

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