What is the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker?

What is the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

In such an exhausted and tired life, one needs something soothing and refreshing. So in the 15thcentury, Kaldi invented coffee which proved to be the source of boosting up physical performance.

For coffee lovers, coffee is the gasoline of life-giving them unrealistic expectations of creativity and productivity. So, in this modern era, the advanced technology of the world has given rise to coffee makers for the ease of people to make them able to tackle their troublesome and busy routine by drinking coffee and making them mentally and physically fatigue-free and alert.

Coffee makers are easy to use, some are portable as well. People can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Coffee makers are available in a great variety having many types. One of its types is Pour over coffee maker.

Pour-over coffee makers are affordable, extracting the real flavor of coffee beans with the freshening aroma, mostly used for a single cup of energetic coffee. The only required components for enthusiastic coffee in this type of maker are:

  • Good quality filter paper
  • Pure water
  • Coffee beans of choice
  • Kettle

 The qualities that make it superior to other types of coffee makers are:

  • It is under your control including water temperature, speed of percolating water, and amount of time of brewing.
  • It fully extracts the nutrients and oils of coffee beans by remaining in contact with water for maximum time.

It’s the best method for bold and rich coffee.

Some useful types of pour-over coffee makers :

Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker

It gives pure taste and aroma of coffee without absorbing its odor and keeping its chemical components intact. Coffee can be refrigerated and can be enjoyed with its real taste and flavor. One of its benefits is that it is easy to use for making coffee.

  • Let’s talk about its dark side as well:
  • Everyone can’t afford it easily as it requires it’s own specific filters that are difficult to find out in different stores.
  • Because of its specific chemical composition, it can’t be placed directly on an electric coil stovetop. Read More

BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker

Its composition makes it special and different from all other types of pour-over coffee makers as it takes its origin from glass that is heat resistant [Borosilicate glass]. Buyers can easily buy it as it is not an expensive one.

Bodum type of coffee makers is classified as those having a permanent filter and others having a temporary filter that can be changed according to the need.

  • Now, have a look at its cons too:

Certain type of paper filter is required using this type of coffee maker with metal mesh also requiring a certain type of grind. Full Review

Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper

The proper fitting of the maker on the teapot is its specialty, making the brewing process much easier. Two to four demitasse cups can be prepared by using it. Its design is its attraction, with open base designing it provides comfort to its users by making them able to consider its level even without causing any disturbance or movement.

Clever Coffee Dripper barista’s choice

Fewer chances of error occurrence make it a blessing for getting a large number of cups of coffee showing it’s enough ability. You just have to pour all water at once and then give it time to brew for a few minutes. Bundle of qualities including;

  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Simple functioning
  • Time-saving

encourage the buyers to purchase

  • Moving towards its weak point:

Plastic, forming this type of maker is much brittle that it can undergo breakage easily.

Read More: https://pourovercoffeemakers.com/bee-house-ceramic-coffee-dripper-review/

Kalita 05039 Wave Dripper

Everything is not as easy as it seems. But Kalita Wave Dripper is not less than the best choice for beginners as well as for professionals. But mostly it’s preferable for professionals. Elements involved in its formation include glass and plastic with plastic, forming tray and glass, making dripper. Its glassy nature makes it able to withstand pressure or damage. For rich, strong, aromatic, and flavorous coffee, it’s a perfect choice.

As far as its negative points are concerned:

Glass, involved in its formation is prone to get scratch or breakage.

Somewhat difficult to use for beginners.

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Every coffee maker has its own specialties. Besides this, for taking a break from your hectic life, you should try a fantastic and tasteful cup of coffee by making it from the coffee maker of your preference.