Why is My Coffee Machine Beeping?

At the start of the day, in the vast majority of homes globally, an aromatic cup of coffee made with an automatic coffee machine is enjoyed. But many also wonder if the noise that these machines generate when producing the drink is normal.

This simple question has fueled debates on social media and blogs about a coffee maker’s proper functioning. Of course, saying whether the best pour over coffee maker makes a lot or a little noise depends on the auditory perception that each person has.

What is true is that very few people complain about the noises that coffeemakers emit. Rather, it is a sound that attracts because it is known that you will be enjoying good and aromatic coffee in a few minutes.

Sounds of automatic machines

All coffee machines produce a little noise for one or more reasons when they are processing coffee. Many technical specialists in automatic coffee machines have said by different means that the sound is a consequence of the materials of the coffee machines. In general, the materials used in its manufacture are normally plastics.

Also, how some components are arranged in the design of coffee machines and how they are assembled can influence noise generation. Many companies have tried to improve this situation, but a silent coffee maker has not been achieved until now.

Another factor that influences the coffee maker to produce noise is the surface where it is placed. If it presents unevenness, the coffee machine may start to vibrate, generating annoying noises when it is working. It is recommended that it be placed on completely smooth surfaces. Avoid stainless steel surfaces.

Lime and grime residues can also cause the coffeemaker to vibrate and generate annoying sounds when brewing. Remove these residues by properly cleaning the coffee maker.

If the coffee machine performs the coffee pod process, the water pump’s operation causes the continuous hum. This sound is completely normal and should not cause concern.

If a coffee machine performs the coffee filtering process by pumping jets of water slowly through the filter holder, you will feel a sound like pulsations. This sound can last between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on how many cups you are preparing. This is the most characteristic sound of coffee production and the one that you like the most.

When the sound like the pulsation ends, people know that the desired coffee is ready to be tasted. In short, not all the sounds of the coffee maker are bad.